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Someone's Lovely Life
Funny, trustworthy, joyous, enthusiastic,
Sister of Nathan and Tim,
Lover of the smell of rain, the sound of the perfect
song, and the feeling of being in love,
Who feels comfort with friends, at ease when
                playing the violin, and open when expressing opinions,
Who needs hugs, kisses, and laughter,
Who gives advice, support, and tender loving care,
Who fears heartache, bugs, and passing this precious life away,
Who would like to see care for our fellow man, acceptance
               of other's differences, and a woman become President,
Who lives by a school, by a park, by her best friends,
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With the world his strength,
He claims her as his.
With words his venue,
He announces his love.
With nothing more than luck,
He gazes into her Eyse,
Venomous, daring, and absolutely beautiful.
"I love you. That is all."
"Your love is pure,
Your soul is none the wiser."
Could what it is be?
I love you.
I love you.
Since when did these words
Hold so much hate?
So much fear?
The best way to cure a curse
Is to live with your heart talking.
Listen to yours.
It is your life source.
After all,
Everyone has one.
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My Ghost
I call him my ghost.
He used to be my shadow
Back when he was still alive to my heart.
He would always be with me
When the lights cast him down,
When it was the opportune time,
When i needed protection or support...
After a year of Trial and Error
I have now realized that
He is no longer a shadow.
He is a ghost,
Feeding off my happiness and
Haunting my present day with past memories.
For those of you who want to know all about me,
Just ask him.
He's in my mind as he makes comments about
Everything, Everywhere, Everyone.
It's like I can never make another conscious choice again.
He's this being,
This dead entity to my heart.
I call him my ghost.
:iconasliverofexistence:aSLIVERofEXISTENCE 0 0
His Kiss Was Lethal Tonight
His kiss was lethal tonight.
It cut through my lips,
Examined my heart
and immediately destroyed
every ounce of power I had left.
His love binded me around in ropes,
His arms restricting me to only himself.
When he spoke the words "I love you"
My body melted,
and I was no longer able to resist
the powerful effect his kiss had
put upon me.
I laughed. I screamed. I obeyed
my heart, and kissed him back in
the hopes of repaying the favor.
I couldn't wait for more of this.
His kiss was lethal tonight.
:iconasliverofexistence:aSLIVERofEXISTENCE 1 10
The Elements and Their War
Lightning exploded in the
midnight sky and birds scatted
at the prescence of such ferocity.
Wind gathered its strength
to prepare for a battle.
Water roared to life; the tides
swelled to immense walls of
destructive vengeance.
Fire came to life, starting small,
but slowly claiming houses, apartments,
and condos.
Earth joined in, uprooting
it's trees and tossing them menacingly
at people, cars, anything that moved.
-wind, water, fire, earth-
The elements who work together
to rebel to mankind
to destroy, to take back what
is rightfully theirs. Powers greater
than imaginable, eventually...
they will succeed.
:iconasliverofexistence:aSLIVERofEXISTENCE 0 1
How could anyone ever have been prepared for something so devastating?
We never knew how much we would die inside,
Never knew what it was like to be a
To be alive, but meerly existing
With beating hearts of nothingness,
It seems we are finally destroyed.
Without our savior.
Without our blessed prayers.
No more dreams of "us"
Nothing without you.
I am nothing without you,
My dearest future and more...
:iconasliverofexistence:aSLIVERofEXISTENCE 0 0
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the Moon at Night
United States
Current Residence: soule of Hym
Favourite genre of music: rock and alternative rock
MP3 player of choice: IPOD nano
Personal Quote: If life gives you lemons...
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Hey guys--

Well, I'm not dead. Just haven't been on in about forever. I'll try to get some new stuff written down and post it. Not that anyone seriously checks it out anyways :-P

Talk to ya again later. Take care.


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RyoRyo-oh Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2008
Aww Rachel, I miss you. You went away a long time ago. T_T
tim Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Je gaze dans votre direction generale. :slyfart: :sarcasticclap:

Yeah, I'm the greatest brother ever. I win! :poke:
aSLIVERofEXISTENCE Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2007
haha, what'd u do, type it into an online translator?
ah, tim... so funny
Nero-e-aumentato Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2007
Hello Rach its Justin aka Vampireking (bloodin-myeyes) How have you been god damn its been too long :P
maurylorraine Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2006
Thanks for the watch, love. :3
maurylorraine Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2006
Heeeey Rachel. :]
diddilly Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2006
Hey, i do remember you, you've said some really nice things about my work, so it'd be hard to forget ya :)

Thanks for the re +fav
lovelyloon Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2006  Student
You are very welcome.

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